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Credit Card Payments


Hatboro Is Now Accepting Credit Cards

The Borough of Hatboro now accepts credit cards as a valid payment method in addition to cash and check. Residents can pay for bulk trash permits, building/zoning permits, use and occupancy inspections, and fire marshal inspections using credit cards in Borough Hall or online.

To make an online purchase with a credit card, visit Hatboro's Municipay portal located here

To make an online purchase, you are required to have a reference number or address for the purchase. This reference number will vary based on the item being purchased. Before making an online purchase, you must call Borough Hall at 215-443-9100 to obtain a reference number and a corresponding amount to use for the purchase.

For example, if you are purchasing a Bulk Trash Permit, you must call Borough Hall, provide your address and what items you want picked up. Staff will then provide you with a permit number to use as the reference and the total dollar amount for the purchase. Once the payment is made through the online portal, you will receive a digital confirmation and staff will mail the corresponding paperwork to your address.

Please note, all credit card payments are subject to a $3.00 or 2.65% (whichever is greater) service fee. This convenience fee is charged by Municipay to process the transaction and will be added automatically to your total purcahse. 

All purchases made with a credit card will appear as "Municipay" on your statement.

The Borough of Hatboro will not accept any credit card payments over the phone and all persons wishing to make a credit card payment in person must present a valid form of identification at the time of purchase.

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