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Hatboro Police Department

Emergency Calls: 911

police response calls:

Police Administration Building
120 E. Montgomery Avenue
Hatboro, PA 19040

Building calls:

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Under what circumstance must I fill out an accident report?

If there is personal injury or if any of the vehicles required towing.

Can I get a copy of the police report?

Report copies are available at the Police Station, 120 E. Montgomery Avenue, Hatboro. There is a $15 fee. If there were photographs taken of the incident and you require copies, there is an additional charge of $15 per photograph. Whenever possible, please furnish us with the report number to expedite the process.


Does Hatboro have a curfew?

Yes. It is in violation of the Borough Ordinance, Part 3 section 302 for any minor to remain in or upon any public place or any private establishment between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:30 AM the following day unless he or she is accompanied by a PARENT or GUARDIAN.

Does Hatboro have a noise ordinance?

According to the Borough Ordinance, Part 10 section 208, it is unlawful for any person to make, cause to be made, or continue to make, any excessive or unreasonably loud noise or to create a noise disturbance within the Borough of Hatboro. Section 209 specifically lists certain items as the source of the noise that are prohibited. They include, but are not limited to horns, radios, televisions, loudspeakers, animals, loading operations, construction noise and vehicle repairs and testing.


How can I get my fingerprints taken for a security clearance form?

Call 215-675-2832 to make an appointment. All fingerprinting is scheduled on Sunday mornings between 9 AM and 12 PM.

Is there a charge for this?

There is a nominal fee of $10 per card.

Do you fingerprint children for identification purposes?

Yes. You can call our Crime Prevention Officer at 215-675-2834 extension 38 to schedule an appointment.


How do I get a firearms permit?

You must obtain a firearms permit in the county in which you live. The Montgomery County Sheriffs Department issues Montgomery County firearms permits. They can be contacted at 610-278-3342.


How many officers are on the department?

There is 1 Chief of Police, 5 Sergeants (1 Detective and 4 Patrol supervisors) and 8 Patrol Officers. We also have 3 Police Operations Clerks, 1 Secretary and 5 school crossing guards.

How big is Hatboro?

The Borough of Hatboro is approximately 1.5 Sq. miles. The population is approximately 7,500 people.

How do I pay a parking ticket?

Parking tickets must be paid within 5 days from the date of issue. They can be paid at the Police Administration building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They may also be paid via the mail, by sending the citation and a check or money order made payable to the Borough of Hatboro.

How do I pay a traffic citation?

All Traffic and Non-Traffic citations must be paid to the District Justice listed on the citation. If you read the citation carefully, it explains exactly how to go about paying the fine or requesting a hearing on the matter. For further information, District Court 38-1-14 can be contacted on business days between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM, at 215-957-5935

How do I obtain a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA)?

Protection from abuse orders may be obtained from the Montgomery County Courthouse, in the office of the Prothonotary. They can be contacted at 610-278-3360. Emergency protection orders may be obtained after business hours from the District Justice on call. Contact your local police for further assistance.


Records are accessible from the Hatboro Police Department under the Pennsylvania Right-To-Know Law 65 P.S. Section 66.1-66.9. All requests to obtain records must be submitted in writing on the "Open Records Request Form" loacted below and signed by the requester. For guidelines and more information on submitting a Right-To-Know request to the Hatboro Police Department, please see the official policy located here


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Hatboro Police Open Records Request Form 11.89 KB


Through funding provided by the Montgomery County District Attorney, Kevin Steele and the Pennsylvania District Attorney's Association, the Hatboro Police Department has obtained a secure prescription medication disposal box that is located at the Hatboro Police Station, 120 E. Montgomery Ave. Citizens may utilize this disposal container to safely dispose of any expired, unused, or unwanted medications, no questions asked. Please do not place syringes, injectable drugs, aerosol dispensers or liquids containing hydrogen peroxide in the collection bin.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the Hatboro Police Department at 215-675-2832


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